Redline Clothing is TOMCC Merchandise Supplier

Our new merchandise vendor is Redline Clothing Company, run by Colin who has over 30 years in the business. After 25 years running his own screen printing business he went part time providing merchandising services to clubs and has several motorcycle clubs on his books, now including the TOMCC.

At present there is an interim web-page available to order clothing - badges should be ordered separately from the TOMCC Treasurer. Eventually Redline will produce a web site dedicated to the TOMCC Merchandise which will incorporate badges.

Branches can have their own presence in the merchandise site. We already have several Branches present including Yorvik, Peterborough, Somerset & Dorset, South Lincs and Nottingham. These Branches have the full range of Club clothing available on which they can have their Branch logo on. All Branches are invited to use this service; the only requirement being is that their logo does not infringe any trade marks. The General Secretary will assist Branches through this process.

Should you have any suggestions for merchandise items that we don't stock but you feel we should do (such as coasters, stickers, key fobs, ladies' apparel, boiler suits, etc) or have ideas for designs on clothing (that won't contravene trade marks) then please let us know. You can email the General Secretary, or post your suggestion on the Forum (there is already a section for merchandise) now or at any time.