You can now add an Associate Member when you Join/Renew

Following a change to the Club Rules at the AGM earlier this year, it is now possible to add an Associate member when you Join the TOMCC or Renew your Club Membership online, and for Associate members to renew their own membership online. Associate members can also now post on the Members' Forum.

Associate membership is available to someone who either doesn't own a motorcycle, or is a learner with a motorcycle of 125cc or less, or is your partner. So if your partner owns a motorcycle of any make they can be an Associate member. Associate members can participate fully at Branch level, and there are quite a few Associates on various Branch committees.

You can add or renew an Associate member when you come to renew your Full Membership or when you join the Club. Simply click the 'Add or Renew Associate' button and fill in their membership number (if you know it), their name (replace the filled in 'Last Name' if they have a different surname to you), and their e-mail address if they have one (it must be different to yours). The Associate's postal address will be the same as yours, but if the Associate wants to change their address then they can sign in and do so.

Associate membership currently costs £7.50 for one year or £37.50 for 5 years. This will be increasing on 1st January 2018.

Because Associate members do make a significant contribution at Branch level, they now can (if they have an e-mail address) request a password, sign-in to the website, post on the Members' Forum, and add Ride Outs and Events. They can also then renew their own membership once they've signed-in.