Triumph launches new Bonneville Speedmaster

Triumph have today (3rd October 2017) launched a new model in the Bonneville range - the Bonneville Speedmaster. This will obviously replace the current America based Speedmaster model and takes a lot of styling cues from the Bobber model as well as the T120 whose engine the new model uses.

If you wanted a Bobber but couldn't justify a solo machine, then this is the next best thing. It has the British custom laid-back attitude giving a distinctive cruiser ride. It retains the Bobber high-torque engine tune as well as the hard-tail look, but you can also take a pillion which Triumph has been keen to show in the publicity pictures.

Triumph are pitching this as more of a Bonneville tourer machine, and with a service interval of 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometres) you can get some serious touring in if you want to.

Also launched at the same time was the Bonneville Bobber Black which features a whole new front end over the standard Bonneville Bobber with a fatter front tyre.

Having drummed up a lot of publicity for the machine before hand, Triumph's website crashed within 10 minutes of the new model page being made available - though it was back up again when the number of visitors died down.