Necktubes Sold Out - Back Mid-June

Following on from the update yesterday that referenced the TOMCC's branded necktubes, we have now been informed that they have already sold-out! Such was the demand and we didn't forsee that happening! The necktubes will be available to order again from mid-June - drop Colin at Redline a message for more info.

The UK Government have stated that it would be strongly advisable for people to wear face coverings whenever they are in a situation where social distancing isn't possible. More specifically when inside buildings or on public transport and you cannot keep 6'7" (2 metres) away from other people (apart from those in your household). Necktubes are excellent for this purpose because they are designed to cover the mouth and nose and not slip off. They are also light and easy to carry.

The supply of necktubes has seen a build-up of demand since before the announcement as people weren't able to get hold of masks. The recent announcement has made that demand even bigger. There may be Triumph dealers with necktubes in stock that you can order online or by phone.

The face coverings mentioned by the UK Government do not need to be medical grade. They are also specifically to protect others rather than yourself in case you are asymptomatic. Some shops and businesses may require you to wear a face covering when entering their premises.