TOMCC Face Masks now Available

A washable re-useable face mask has recently been introduced to the product line of the TOMCC. Just in time too as the UK Government have announced that from 24th July you will need to wear a face mask when you are inside shops and stores - and presumably Triumph dealerships also. Buy yours today.

The washable 2-ply face covering is a double layer fabric face covering, non-medical and ideal for general workplace use. Fabric binding allows the product to be washed and reused again, the outer layer has Silvadur 930 Flex Antimicrobial finish with a Zelan R3 renewably sourced, durable water-repellent finish. The fabric is 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane, single Jersey with antimicrobial and water-repellent finish.

The TOMCC face masks are not surgical grade, but are a lot better than a bandana or scarf. You could use a neck tube - and the TOMCC does those too - but it's not as easy to get on and off as a face mask.

Face coverings are going to be required for customers in shops and supermarkets from the 24th July in England. You also need face coverings if you are on public transport or taking an Uber. A face covering is defined as something that fully covers the nose and mouth - so a full-face crash helmet with a nose shield fitted would also be sufficient but not particularly practical and I doubt you'd be let in to the shop with it on also.

Please note that Wales has different arrangements but you will need to wear a face mask there on public transport from the 27th July. Scotland has required face masks since the 10th July. Northern Ireland currently only requires face masks on public transport.