New Tiger 1200 and 800 models announced

Triumph have today (7th November 2017) released details of their new Tiger range. There will now be both a 1200cc and an 800cc range. The 1200cc version features a shaft drive whereas the 800cc version retains a chain drive. Some of the innovations are adaptive cornering lighting and keyless ignition.

The Tiger 1200 comes in both XC and XR variants. The XC has two models, the XCx and the XCa, whereas the XR has three (four including the low seat XRx version), the XR, XRx, XRt. The updates to the model don't just involve the engine and shaft drive, there are multiple changes and updates all round on the two range variants including Shift-Assist, better rider modes, LED lighting all-round, semi-active suspension, corner-optimised ABS and traction control, hill hold, adaptive cornering lighting, colour TFT display, illuminated controls, electronic windscreen adjustment, and keyless ignition.

The Tiger 800 also comes in both XC and XR variants with the same model types as the Tiger 1200. However you will need to be looking at a medium or top-specification Tiger 800 to get all the goodies such as the TFT display and all LED lighting. Whereas the Tiger 1200 is a revolution, the Tiger 800 is more of an evolution.

Both machines are lighter than previous models. The Shift-Assist system allows riders to change up and down gears without having to use the clutch. Adaptive cornering lighting reacts to the way the bike is cornering and lights up where the bike is going.