MCN Ride Triumph's Moto2 Bike

Triumph have let MCN and journalists from a few other publications take their new Moto2 machine through its paces. They were at Calafat, a test track south of Barcelona, to have a go on the 765-engined development machine. Watch the video to find out how they got on and how impressed they were.

The development test mule is basically a Daytona 675 with the Moto2 765 engine. This won't be the final chassis on Moto2 of course because the various teams will have their own chassis developed by the likes of Kalex and Suter. The main thing is that it will be a Triumph engine (and so all the Race bike owners will be eligible for Membership of the TOMCC).

The sound of the engine is amazing - and that's just one of them on the video. Imagine what it will sound like when there are 35 of them on the grid. The Triumph engine will be first raced in 2019, but there will be a lot of tests going on towards the end of 2018. The Moto2 rules in 2019 will mean the bike will have Traction Control and other electronics that are currently being developed.

We can't wait for 2019 and the Triumph engine Moto2 machines to revitalise the Moto2 series. We are also hopeful that all this development will also result in a 765 version of the Daytona by 2020/1.