Ace Classics rebuilding Steve McQueen T120

Ace Classics have been working on a recreation of this 1963 T120 Steve McQueen desert sled. The bike is being built for their French Customer Cedric, who was also the guy they built the no. 955 Pre Unit McQueen bike for last year - which was featured in Classic Bike magazine.

This is another bike that they don't have too many pictures to work from, so they are asking if any one has any pictures of the bike to send them in as they would be very grateful.

The bike was built to race across the Californian deserts flat out. It was fitted with an early Air Scoop front brake from 1957, a Bates seat, Alloy guards front and rear, high level pipes, Girling racing shocks, no lights, knobbly tyre's and a big bash shield to protect the crankcases from the rough desert terrain. These bikes tore across the desert - if your not too familiar with these races then this video will give you a good idea of the pounding these bikes took.

Ace Classics are adding photos to an album on Facebook as the build progresses.