New model profile added

A new profile has been added to the list of Triumph motorcycle models on this site: The Tronti Café Köter (1958-2017). Tronti - Mix of Triumph T140D engine, Manx Norton frame, Ducati forks, wheels and brakes. Köter is the German name for Mongrel, which suits the revamp very nicely. The beautiful, expensively modified and lovely alloy tank has split and work hardened over the years and is now a wall light! In it's place is a Suzuki GT750 tank which floats above the frame, revealing the beautiful curves and work of art headstock.

This gives a whole new feel, and custom bikes are forever in a flux of modification, so, out with the crappy Monza cap an oil tank (never not leaked) and a bit of opening up visually. Get the grinder out and shorten the rear of the frame, relocating the angle of the shocks to mirror the forks. A fir extinguisher as an oil tank and some visual rerouting of pipes and cables to give a 'Visible Technology' look. I've take as many different parts as I can and I've got a sort of Café Racer, Street Scrambler, Flat Tracker, Bobber, Hot Rod - yet still in DNA a Triton.

As we eveolve we see thngs differently. While I understand the Bike manufacturers capitalising on the Café Racer gendre, I see mine as an opportunity to rejuvenate an artwork on wheels and pay homage to the Café Culture. Hence Tronti, Café Köter, with a collection of quirky, yet practical accessoires that attest to Coffee.

All done with hand tools, or made to my specs. I'm lucky to be able to work with some skilled engineers, coachbuilders and paint specialists.