Start a Branch... anywhere in the world!

Branches form the backbone of the TOMCC and it has never been easier to start one. Wherever you are in the world, these steps are all you need to do to start a branch.

1. Find a couple of mates who want to start the branch with you.

2. Find a suitable place to meet up (such as a Dealer's lounge, pub, coffee shop, or Café).

3. Get in touch with the Club Committee (e-mail the Club Secretary).

4. Find 17 other Club members to support your branch (the Club can email all members in your area so this isn't overly difficult).

5. Wait for the branch to become official.

It's that simple. Of course it may be the case that there aren't many members in your area and it might take a bit of time to get 20 members all interested, but there is no time limit on forming a branch so stick at it.

Once the branch has formed, there are a few duties that have to be performed. We recommend that there is a branch committee consisting of at least a Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary - but you can tailor your committee to how you want the branch to be run. Because all branches get a small amount of funding (£0.42 per member per month) out of the Membership Fee, someone who is good with money will be needed to look after the branch funds. The branch will also be sent updates on new members joining, changes of details, and those whose renewals are overdue so the branch knows who is who and can send out information to their members if they want to. There will also be those members who want to pay cash on a branch night to join or renew - which is not a problem, just put the money into the branch funds and either send the Club Membership Secretary the forms or update the membership details yourself online. It's all really easy.

Once your branch gets going, a key part of keeping members interested in putting on events. These may just be regular ride outs to various places of interest, or you might want to have a stall at a local show. The Club can help with publicity material for any shows that you want to have a stand at.

The Club is there to help any branches get going and keep going, so don't feel you're all alone.

We are especially looking for people to help start branches in other countries (such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, India, and Europe).