Bonneville Launch Night (UK)

The launch night for the 2017 Bonneville range in the UK is taking place on Thursday the 23rd February with all UK dealers taking part. The whole of the Bonneville range will be on show including the new Street Cup and Bonneville T100, and especially the Bonneville Bobber and the Street Scrambler models.

The event marks the arrival of the machines in dealer's showrooms so you can expect to start seeing them on the road from around then. The Bonneville Bobber and Street Scrambler will both be being 'unveiled' at the dealer events - though by now most people will have seen them at the NEC Motorcycle Live show so it's not sure what they are actually unveiling.

The launch event will run from 7pm until 10pm (though this depends on the dealer) and will be free to attend, but it might be a good idea to let your dealer know that you're going to be turning up so they have an idea of numbers and don't run out of refreshments.

If you can't make that evening then don't worry, there is a weekend event planned for the 22nd and 23rd April. This will be the Season Launch event - marking the start of the biking season proper in the UK, in other words marking the start of when the weather should start improving. Triumph are again calling this the 'TFEST' weekend, which makes it sound like there will be a choice of Darjeeling, Earl Grey, and English Breakfast - but as they can't use 'TRIFEST' (because that's been ours for many years) I guess it's the next best thing, even if they only came up with it after hearing about our TRIFEST events.