Insurance Woes for New Street Triple RS Owners

The new Street Triple RS will be in the hands of the first customers within a week or so, but there have been reports that insuring it is not quite so easy.  This isn't the same issue as the Bonneville Bobber, this is potentially a much more serious problem for new owners.

The problem is that several insurers just won't touch it, and others have given it a massive premium. Now by insurers we mean the insurance companies themselves rather than the brokers. Unfortunately if you're currently with an insurer who won't quote for it then your only option will be to cancel your current policy and take out a new one - and that usually means having to pay to cancel.

Axa Insurance, for example, though perfectly happy to insure Daytona 675Rs won't touch the Street Triple RS. Other insurers are offering cover for around the £2,000 mark.

The problem, again, seems to be with the underwriters. Despite all the information about the Street Triple RS being known, and it being on the ABI database for quite a while, some company underwriters have either not been interested in assessing the risk, or have not bothered and just put it in the highest category they can.

Thankfully not all insurers have been criminally lax in doing the job they're paid for. Ebike are producing very reasonable quotes for the Street Triple RS - so if you are having problems getting insurance for your Street Triple RS, try them.

Update: Both Carole Nash and Bennetts now seem to be able to cover the Street Triple RS, but they currently need to refer it to their underwriters first and get back to you. Insurers Ageas, Highway, and Markerstudy have had their underwriters assess the model now.