Bonneville Bobber not on UK Insurance Lists

Well it's begun. The new Bonneville Bobber is at last making it out of the showrooms and into the hands of eager customers. However some people have had problems insuring them with a number of UK Insurance brokers not having the model on their systems yet.

Various Bobberites have been trying to insure their machines before picking them up from the dealers but have been told that the 'Computer says No'! It seems that the new model hasn't made it onto the database of machines that insurers use to rate its insurance group. Whether this is due to Triumph supplying the details late, or the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) not getting it onto their database in time, or the insurers not having updated their databases from the MIB is unknown.

It is still possible to insure the machines though as some insurers are allowing owners to insure the vehicle from its Registration Number and ABI Code. An ABI Code is a unique reference supplied by the Association of British Insurers that identifies a specific vehicle model. If it isn't on the documentation you get from your dealer, they may be able to find it out for you from Triumph. As soon as the insurers databases are updated the ABI Code will be recognised.

With the new Street Triple 765 model set to start being delivered in April, it is hoped that there will be no delay in getting that onto insurers' databases.

There have been reports of the ABI Code obtained from Triumph not being valid - but this may just mean that the insurers are trying to validate the code when it isn't on their systems, rather than just accepting the code.