Live launch of New Street Triple on Tuesday 10th January

From the look of the video, it seems Triumph are all set to release the new Street Triple in early 2017. They are going for a Live Launch event on the 10th January at 19:00 GMT - presumably via Live Video on Facebook but also on their own website.

The video itself gives few indications as to what the bike will look like, except that it won't be a million miles away from the existing Street Triple look with a dual-sided swing arm and similar proportions to the original.

One interesting snapshot is the new dash layout. Gone are the boring dial and grey digital display that were often difficult to read at speed. In has come an all-digital dashboard with contrasting digits and coloured indicators - yes you should even be able to read the time and temperature on the go now.

Other things you can almost certainly expect are ride by wire and rider modes - the rider in the video certainly doesn't appear to have Traction control enabled.

"Once in a generation a motorcycle comes along that changes everything. Be one of the first to meet our new game changer – a bike that simply tears up the rulebook and sets the new benchmark for power, weight, handling and looks. The revolution starts here."