New TOMCC USA Branch Formed

A new Branch of the TOMCC has been formed... this time in the Good Ol' USA! It is an historic event because whereas the Club has had Representatives in the USA (and other countries), it has never had a branch overseas.

A group of members from all over the USA have all got together to form this fledgling branch. Previously the Club could never get enough members to form an Overseas branch because there weren't enough Overseas members living in one place, and we could never get enough members living in one place because there wasn't a branch local... it was all Catch 22. Now, however, the founder members of the TOMCC USA branch have pulled together and created the Triumph Owners' Motor Cycle Club of The United States of America and good luck to them.

Now the USA is rather a large country so meeting up socially in person is not going to be very easy at the moment, but they have already set up a Facebook group and are going to have regular Google Hangouts. As number grow there will be more members near each other who can meet up in person on their Triumphs.

It is hoped that the branch will really take off and that this will be the fore-runner of other branches around the USA. As people join the branch they will soon find other people in their area, and when that grows to over 20 members they can then split off and form their own branch.

Appropriately, the new TOMCC USA branch was created on the 4th of July.