New model profile added

A new profile has been added to the list of Triumph motorcycle models on this site: The Model 2/1 (1934-1936). One of the first models designed by Val Page on joining Triumph, it was meant to be a simple entry level machine but proved to be expensive to produce. The numbering scheme for the models produced in 1934 did not excite at all - the first number relates to the capacity, the second number is the model number in the range so 2/1 is the first model in the 250 range (whereas the 2/5 was the top of the range).

The Model 2/1's engine was excellent, but as it shared a lot of the chassis and tinware with the 350cc range it was a little on the heavy side.

It came with a 6 volt electrical system and Magdyno lighting, and an electric horn! The primary drive was enclosed in an aluminium oil bath.

Triumph itself was going through some changes at the time with Vivian Holbrook (in charge at the time) losing interest in motorcycle production so in 1936 the company split in two with the Car division being effectively 'sold off' from the Motorcycle division which itself was bought up by Jack Sangster.

The model survived the purge at the start of 1936 (Triumph went from 13 models to 9) but was dropped later on when the first of the Tigers came out.